Consumers Toolkit

A toolkit to support consumers to engage

Consumers Toolkit

A toolkit to support consumers to engage

Can you help make our healthcare better?

You can use this toolkit to help you identify how you can help. Then use the tools and tips we’ve collected for health consumers who are making a difference.

This toolkit was developed through a joint project between Health Consumers NSW and WentWest. It is intended to provide consumers and communities with tools and resources to help them engage with health services. The support of the NSW Ministry of Health is gratefully acknowledged.

James Bartlett
James Bartlett
Youngest HCNSW board member

Lived experience is the best experience. I’m dedicated to using both, the good and the bad, to make things better for all.

Why get involved?

Whoever you are, if you or your loved ones have had any experience using healthcare in NSW, you can use your experience to help improve the health system.

You may be motivated to make a difference for any number of reasons. These might include:

  • You had an excellent healthcare experience and you want to complement a service or contribute to its continuation
  • You have noticed there are opportunities to improve an otherwise good service
  • You had a negative experience and want to see significant changes so that others can have a better experience in future.

If you feel motivated to make a difference, there are many ways you can get involved.

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Getting started

Find out more about different ways you can give feedback or get involved to help make health care better.

a group of consumer reps

Becoming a consumer representative

What does a consumer representative do and how to find a role that suits you?

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More resources for consumers and communities

What other resources are available to help consumers and communities to engage effectively with each other and with health services?