Episode 3 - Feedback

Patient Power Podcast: Healthcare Rights and Positive Change

Episode 3 - Feedback

Patient Power Podcast: Healthcare Rights and Positive Change

Can feedback be a tool to improve healthcare?

In Episode 3, we discuss how to improve our own and other people’s care using our experiences, positive and negative.

How can we give and receive feedback? And why do consumers have a unique perspective to identify risks and harms that doctors and nurses may not see? There are informal and formal ways to give feedback.

Julie, Graeme, Nadine, Nat and Kai chat about the range of ways we can give and receive feedback and how to do it in the most effective way possible.

Episode 3 with Graeme Slade, Nadine El-Kabbout, Natalie & Kai Rataj

Julie McCrossin AM

Presenter: Julie McCrossin AM

Julie McCrossin gets people talking. After 20 years with ABC Radio National, ABC TV and Network Ten, she is now a freelance broadcaster and MC.

Julie was treated for HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer in 2013. Julie is an Ambassador for Targeting Cancer and TROG Cancer Research and a member of Cancer Voices SA. Julie hosts the podcast series, The Thing About Cancer and The Thing About Advanced Cancer for Cancer Council NSW. She has also produced and presented many videos in partnership with clinicians and advocates.

Julie has qualifications in the arts, education and law. In 2019, Julie was awarded an OAM for significant service to the community, particularly through LGBTIQ advocacy roles and to the broadcast media.


Graeme Slade

Graeme Slade

Graeme is A/Program Manager, Patient and Family Experience in Sydney Local Health District. He became a registered nurse in the mid 1980s. He gained certification in midwifery and general ICU.

Graeme spent 10 years developing specialised clinical expertise in ICU. He attained senior nursing management positions in this field.

In 2004, Graeme was a member of the multidisciplinary team led by Prof Debora Picone AO when she was appointed Interim Administrator of the South Western Sydney Area Health Service during the ‘Special Commission of Inquiry into Camden and Campbelltown Hospitals’. Graeme has conducted and led many specialist investigations, clinical reviews and Open Disclosure meetings with families following adverse events.

Graeme has qualifications in health administration. He is a passionate advocate for the consumer voice and the importance of building collaborative partnerships between patients, families, carers and staff.

Nat & Kai Rataj

Natalie and Kai Rataj

Nat Rataj is a social worker with NSW Health who lives on the Central Coast of NSW. She is a mother of three, including her 17 year old trans son, Kai.

In 2023 Nat and Kai marched together at Sydney World Pride with the Parents of Trans Youth Equity group. Nat is passionate about social justice, equality and human rights. She supports Kai by educating friends, family members and colleagues; participating in research; networking with other parents of trans young people; and attending a monthly pride poetry group.

Kai has first-hand experience regarding the barriers and discrimination trans youth experience. He is a natural advocate regarding gender diversity. He provides feedback to services and speaks up regarding issues for trans youth. Kai is currently studying through Open Universities Australia and is balancing psychology subjects with his passion for writing. He aspires to write and illustrate a graphic novel regarding his experience as a trans kid.

Nadine El-Kabbout

Nadine El-Kabbout

Nadine El-Kabbout is a Muslim and Arabic community advocate and a youth advocate in south western Sydney.

Her journey with cancer and challenges navigating the health system pushed her into a variety of volunteer and advocacy roles within the cancer, Muslim, youth and multicultural communities.

She is a member of several boards and working groups related to health and health research at the state and local level. She is passionate about the delivery of culturally and spiritually appropriate services, equitable healthcare, and creating a positive roadmap, experiences, and journeys for these communities where their values, needs and preferences are honoured.

Nadine is a psychotherapist and life coach in her private practice, Nafs Counselling which caters to the mental and spiritual wellness needs of her community.


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