HCNSW ALERT - Call out for communication experience

Better Care, Better Outcomes

Last year, we asked you what do you, as patients and carers, think about the big change to the availability of telehealth for many medical consultations. Now we are publishing the results of this consumer-led study about navigating telehealth. Join us for a results briefing in May!

Wooden blocks spellling out long covid with a hand holding the "long" blocks.

Are you affected by long-COVID?

Are you affected by long-COVID? Health Consumers NSW has an opportunity for consumers to share their experiences in online focus groups. We are partnering with the Agency for Clinical Innovation to better understand the community perspective and experience of Long-COVID. We will use the feedback from the consultation to develop models of care for people with Long-COVID in NSW.

Consumer voices on Covid-19

What are consumers and consumer organisations saying about living with Covid in NSW? We met with our COVID consumer taskforces to discuss the current issues impacting consumers and consumer organisations and collected experiences through Amplify. We spoke to consumer leaders and consumer organisations from around NSW and this is what we are hearing.