FAQs for Patients, Carers & Families

FAQs for Patients, Carers & Families

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What does consumer involvement in health research mean?

Consumer involvement is an active partnership between consumers and researchers, where consumers are actively involved in the research process. Involvement is more than the recruitment of consumers for health and medical research. It has been described as doing research with or by people who use health services rather than to, about or for them.

I am a consumer and would like to be involved in research, how do I get involved?

Health Consumers NSW has a network of consumers involved in research. If you want to connect with consumer researchers then join our network on xxxxxx. You can also sign up for some introductory Consumer and Community Involvement training (include the link to the training).

How do I find consumers to involve in my research?

There are many consumers who would love to be involved in your research. Health Consumers NSW can help you to connect with consumers and support consumers to be actively involved in the planning, execution and dissemination of your research. Fill out the form request a consumer representative (Julia we need to redesign this).

How do I learn how to involve consumers and the community in research?

You can attend our online introductory training (include link) or we can run a face to face workshop for your research team. Get in touch via xxxxxx

I want to access more resources on how to involve consumers and the community in research, where is a good place to start?